Carli Jeffrey

Carli Jeffrey is a Spiritual Therapist offering many complementary services as part of the integrative team at Unified health, assisting clients by using various divinely guided tools, helping them to stay on a path of joy, freedom and wellness. She uses a personalized and eclectic approach tailored to the individual, dependent upon their Universal needs.

Carli is dedicated to following her life path, which is helping people through times of questioning, grief and stress. She has mentored under exceptionally successful and inspirational teachers over the years, and continues to further her education to provide modern practices in her work. As a professional and spiritual wellness teacher, Carli is deeply committed to both personal and professional development. She has been presented with an opportunity from the Universe to help teach about raising vibrations, consciousness, intentions, and how to relate these topics in day-to-day living to produce joy, well-being, abundance and peacefulness in our lives.