Just legs treatment

Give those tired legs some TLC. This treatment kick starts your circulation with an invigorating honey and dead sea salt leg scrub and followed up with an organic coconut oil relaxation and circulatory massage. A perfect treatment for diabetics, pregnant women and travellers. 

30 minute treatment - $30.00

Maintainence foot care pedicure 

Optimize the health and wellness of your feet with this maintainence foot care pedicure. A relaxing treatment involving a cut, file, shape, detailed cuticle work, rasping and thorough cleaning under the nail plates and folds. Finished off with a hot towl and circulatory massage. Don't allow your feet to become over-worked and neglected.

1 hour treatment - $59.00

Medical pedicure

This treatment is intended to increase the long term health, mobility and circulation of your feet. It is particularly essential for people with diabetes to maintain proper foot care, however it is very difficult to do so when many estheticians are not trained to properly take care of such conditions. This treatment involves a cut, file, shape, detail cuticle work, rasping and cleaning under nail plates and in nail folds, wart extraction, corn extraction, ingrown toe nail treatment, callus maintenance and nail plate ridge treatments. Finishing with a nice hot towel and a relaxing circulation massage. Great treatment for anyone with diabetes, inflammation issues, poor circulation and blood flow with sensation concerns.

75 minutes - $69.00



Krista Lee is our Master Esthetician and has her advanced foot care training. She is very passionate about maintaining the health and wellness of her clients feet, not just the esthetic. She specializes in diabetic and prenatal foot care. We will not offer any polish or chemical based products in any of her services. Our focus is to optimize the health of your feet and flow of your cirulatory system.