A treatment to improve and/or maintain physical mobility and function, and rehabilitation from injury.


Physiotherapy can improve your lifestyle at a functional level. Whether you’re looking to return to peak athletic performance, looking to get back to gardening or even walking the dog, physiotherapy will ensure you are preforming at your best.

Physiotherapy benefits include:

Decreased Pain

Improve Range of Motion

Improved Physical Function

Improved Posture

Improved Strength

Improve Coordination

Improved Balance

Improved Cardio-Respiratory Function.

Improved Function for activities of daily living


You can expect a highly trained and personable physiotherapist. You will be welcomed to a modern and friendly environment, with patient care as our top priority. You will also receive a treatment program that is personalized to handle the injury that you are experiencing.

You should expect your first visit to be approximately 1 hour in length. This will include your initial assessment. Your assessment will be focused on determining the sources and cause(s) of your pain and will entail a physical assessment, looking at your strength, mobility, gait, activity level, etc. Furthermore, you will be asked to give a brief history of your lifestyle, activity level, list of prior injuries and more. You should come wearing comfortable, loose clothing to give the physiotherapist a better gauge of how you’re moving.