Somatic Coaching

“Soma” means “the body in its aliveness in the world.” A “coach” partners with you to help you perform more effectively.


Just because you “know better” about how you would like to behave, doesn't mean that you can act differently when your system is under pressure.

Somatic coaching aims to get to the heart of the matter, working to shift the stories written into our body. By transforming how our body responds to the world, our life situations will eventually fall into line with our new way of being. If you change what is within, you will change what is without.

Working with a somatic coach can help you increase your capacity where it is most needed for you: be it with boundaries, willpower, vulnerability, intimacy, or moving with grace and integrity towards your goals, this work gives you tools to identify and efficiently move towards what is most significant for you.


Working with a somatic coach is kind of like learning an emotional martial art that you practice secretly in your everyday life using your nervous system.

The work is not passive. We begin seated and by using mindfulness-based exercises to bring awareness to the whole self – becoming intimately familiar with the thoughts and physical sensations that create our experience.

Building on this kind of inquiry, we then stand and do one-on-one exercises that simulate challenging life situations, and learn practices that allow you to discover the most efficient way to meet those challenges. You then bring those practices into your daily routine, using them to change your behaviour.