Virginia Lewis, RRT

Reflexology can be considered for overall wellness, pain management of arthritis and other conditions, constipation, fatigue, lethargy, cognitive disorders, stress, relaxation, improved balance, circulation.

It is a gentle modality that can be administered with either the client lying down, or seated in a recliner, no clothing except for footwear needs to be removed. It calms the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation. Reflexology may calm the anxious or agitated person who feels frightened, depressed or out of control. The person feels less lonely, and is reassured that he or she is still important; it may also be calming for some with cognitive disorders.

Virginia was qualified as a Reflexologist in the UK in 2002, and re-certified with a Canadian school "Footsteps" upon her arrival to Nova Scotia.

She is currently registered, and sits on the board with NSARP (Nova Scotia Association of Reflexology Practitioners). She is excited to set down roots and practice reflexology in Halifax and bring an awareness of Reflexology to her clients.  She is very passionate about Reflexology and have found it to be an amazing holistic therapy that can help maintain health and combat a multitude of ailments, and enable people to go on their own personal journey, in a gentle relaxing non-invasive way.